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This post is also very important for creators and authors. It gives you skin creation and posting resources.

Registering on this website

First of all you need to register an account on KillerSkins.
Put your username and email in it and click on register.

After that you need to check your e-mail.

Check for “WordPress” and “KillerSkins” in your e-mail inbox. Also make sure to look into the spam folder.

Click on the first link and you will be directed to the password change site.

Now you can change your password. After that click on reset password.

Now you’re able to Log in.

After logging in you should get this page. Redirect again to

Becoming a creator on discord

Now you’re correctly logged in. In order to get the creator role you will need to go to the Killerskins discord. ! IT IS MANDATORY!
Under the “Request Channels” category you can find the channel #request-creator-role. Click on the reaction.

You will now immediatly receive the Creator role in discord and will get access to #creator-chat in the “Creator Chats” category. You will get tagged by the bot “” with the following message:

Follow what the bot says and write your Username/E-Mail address you chose in WordPress either directly in #creator-chat or to Yoru/IM#6715.
She will then send you a message in DMs when you are registered:

Creating a post

Now you can post!
Click on the New button and select post to create your first post.

Loading a template

This is the editor site where all the magic happens. First of all go into the right top corner and select the 3 points button.

It will open up this folder. First of all we need to load a template.

Select My Templates

And now you can see that we have 6 templates. It can update in the future. If you want to post a custom skin for a champion select “Champion Skin Name“.

Now you only need to fill out your post. You don’t need to add or remove stuff. All of it should stay because we want to make all posts the same structure.

Editing your post

Add your Videos or Images for this skin in it. It is mandatory to showcase your skin in-game or showcase the model. No tutorials!!!

For Videos we have 3 option. We have 2 options for Youtube and 1 for local video file.

Now you need to replace “Skin Name” with ofc your skin name. Social can be deleted but Discord Name + Tag should stay.

Your skin has to be a finished Mod, that means either a Fantome or LCS-Manager generated .zip or .fantome. You can’t simply upload your texture changes for example as raw files. If you don’t know how to create one, here’s a tutorial for that.

Changelogs are very usefull for updates. If the creator updates the skin your able to see it here directly.
We recommend writing in the date aswell as the version number. If you don’t need the bottom text with colored labels, you can remove that block.

Bugs and errors should stay on every post. What you can do is add under it already bugs on your skin.

Tutorials are very important for new users and that’s why they have to be on every page. So don’t delete it.

Editing post Settings

After all is done correctly you can click on Post. We only need Categories, Tags and Featured image. “Send to discord” is only important for Authors.

First of all we open up Categories. Select the specific category that represent your skin. On this post you can find an explanation for all categories.

Now the tags. Make sure your using the Champion- / Mapname. We also need the skin theme. You can add more if it’s needed.
For the champion make sure to write it exactly as it’s written in LoL, for example: Cho’Gath, Miss Fortune, etc.

Now we want to upload the thumbnail. Make sure you’re using the Photoshop PSD or Gimp template that you can find on this post.

IMPORTANT: The first image in a post is the featured image. You don’t have to add one seperately in your post before you add any text..

As a last step you have to click on “Publish” in the top bar.

Next this window appears and you click on “Submit for review”.

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