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!! IMPORTANT: The newest version of LCS-Manager also installs .fantome files !!

Video Tutorials

  • Tutorial 1 by Yorû Queen of Night
  • Tutorial 2 Soon By TheKillerey

Step by Step Tutorial

1. Go to or Directly Download it.

2. Download the file.

3. Drag and Drop or extract lolcustomskin-tools from the ZIP File to a folder of your choice

4. Start lcs-manager.exe. First of all you need to choose your League of Legends folder

5. Now choose your League Game folder. “Your Drive“:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Game/

6. After that your ready to go

7. Now you need to download your mod. After that click in the left top corner the “Ξ” button. This allows you to add the fantome .zip mod or you drag and drop the file into the program

Download Skins from or my

8. Now tick the skin you want to load in and click on “Run”

9. If it says “Wait for League” then it’s done. You can test out your skin in Game 🙂


  • Windows 10, 8.1 or 7
  • 8 GB RAM or more
  • 7ZIP/WINRar or a tool that can extract zip files


 by IceKnife in 16/04/2021

I dont know why, my lcs says "wait for league" but when i start the game just the custom maps work! The custom skins dont work for me i dont know why... Can someone help me?

 by Yoru in 18/04/2021

you should ask for help in the discord:

 by s in 14/04/2021

When you run lcs-manager, no window appears. I formatted my computer, but is there anything I need to install to run the file?

 by SugarKaiser in 11/04/2021

It used to work for me, but now I get the error "Sorry! We've detected a problem with your installation. We will now attempt to repair the affected files."

 by Yoru in 11/04/2021

then your mod doesnt work

 by Frankkoo in 30/03/2021

It just says waiting for league match to start, does that mean it's done?

 by Yoru in 30/03/2021


 by Adison in 22/03/2021

My game doesn't get past 60% and then just takes me back to the reconnect screen on client. How do i fix this? I am specifically using the snoop dogg skin for nasus

 by Yoru in 23/03/2021

 by Piozer in 22/03/2021

League of Legends.exe could not be found! help pls

 by user in 21/03/2021

hey how do i install .fantome mods on lcs(like a mod called japanese champion audio).

 by Yoru in 21/03/2021

the newest version of lcs-manager loads .fantome files.

 by Niznamba in 03/04/2021

looks like it doesnt

 by D2kSaga in 15/03/2021

MIne Worked every single step no error but when I get in the game match nothing changed Nothing to do with texture not being setted higg

 by Yoru in 15/03/2021

try running lcs as admin

 by talas in 24/02/2021

not working for winter rift..

 by Liroy in 20/02/2021

When i press "Run" it sais: "Error Save Profile League path not set!" Dont know how to fix it

 by Sarah Dellen in 19/02/2021

Error Install Fantome Mod fs::exists(tmp / "META" / "info.json") LCS::ModIndex::install_from_zip:69: this->path_ = "F:\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed" srcpath = "F:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Game/" Hmmmmmmmm... xd

Link exchange is nothing else however it is only placing the other person's web site link on your page at proper place and other person will also do same in support of you.

 by Final Boss Veigar in 22/01/2021

the error i get is league patch (Failed to find fopen call!)

 by Final Boss Veigar in 21/01/2021

its not working since 11.2 update or is it just me

 by xDarkMatter05 in 20/01/2021


 by Lemons in 16/01/2021

[Error] Program path contains non-english characters, how i resolve this?

 by Yoru in 16/01/2021

By not having non english characters in your path lol

 by Lucas in 16/04/2021


 by Yoru in 18/04/2021

by moving it somewhere on your pc where there are only normal english letters

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