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Binsplash by Marcius – simple .bin recolor

bintex by marcius – lists all textures used in a .bin

Convert your .bin to .json or .py and simply drag and drop in the file(s) you want to know the textures of. It will then give you a list of all files and locations.



Converts LoL files to .gltf

NVR Converter

Converts .nvr files

MAPGEO Converter

Converts .mapgeo files

Python league format converter

Converts a lot of league formats

Supported formats:

  • inibin and troybin
  • preload
  • luaobj and luabin
  • releasemanifest

Supported converters:

  • inibin to ini
  • luaobj to lua
  • troybin to troy


Wooxy by Chewy

It is not a virus but your antivirus might flag it as one. Whitelist the whole folder and it should be fine.

It is no longer used to install skins but you can still use it for:

  • Extracting old wooxy skins
  • Converting .skn that doesn’t open in Maya to .obj
  • Editing sound files
  • Editing .scb files (they become bugged through Maya)

Important: Make sure to uncheck “Use a League of Legends installation” on first start.

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