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Here’s how to register and post on this website.

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: IM#6715


Also check this post for important resources and more infos.

How to become a creator

How to register on the website

First of all you need to register an account on KillerSkins.

Put your username and email in it and click on register.

After that you need to check your e-mail.

Check for “WordPress” and “KillerSkins” in your e-mail inbox. Also make sure to look into the spam folder.
If you have not received an e-mail, message Yoru/IM#6715 on the Killerskins discord.

Click on the first link and you will be directed to the password change site.

Now you can change your password. After that click on reset password.

Now you’re able to Log in.

After logging in you should get this page. Redirect again to

How to become a creator on discord and be able to post on the website

Now you’re correctly logged in. In order to get the creator role you will need to go to the Killerskins discord. ! IT IS MANDATORY!
Under the “Request Channels” category you can find the channel #request-roles. Click on the reaction to the following message.

You will now immediatly receive the Creator and Unregistered Creator role in discord.

Follow what is written in the message you just reacted to and open a ticket in the #creator-role channel.

The registration process can take up to 3 days

When your role on the website has been updated and you have the rights to post, you will get a message with more information.
You will lose the Unregistered Creator role and access to this channel.

Modding rules

About the mod
  • Skins must follow general discord rules
  • Must follow clothing guidelines (
  • Must come with support for Very Low/Low and Medium texture quality (2x and 4x files)
  • Skins must be directly in .fantome or .zip format, however, don’t put the mod into a seperate .zip file
  • Voice changes/announcers must always contain at least English client language
  • If you take a concept or art from another person you must credit them properly on the post and you can not delete any watermarks
  • If you take models from other games you should also give credit
  • Uploading your skin: You have to upload your skin to a proper filesharing service: Mediafire, Onedrive, Google Drive, Mega, box, Dropbox, weTransfer
  • Title: must be an accurate description for the skin (no clickbait etc.)
  • Tags: must contain the champion written properly, include the skin series, creator name is optional
  • Categories: posts must always contain the main categories and then fitting sub-categories if necessary (Guide:
  • Showcasing: must include AT LEAST screenshots of the skin/HUD/Map in-game, sound mods must have a video hosted on Youtube. You are allowed to take videos from other youtube creators if it’s a re-upload or they make a video for your skin after it’s posted (exeptions: Balor Skins, Pentaking, LolSkinEmpire)
  • Links: Link directly to the .fantome or .zip mod, don’t re-package it. Do not use malicious link shorteners/ads like or Don’t put skins behind paywalls. Link shorteners like are fine.
  • If you re-upload a mod give proper credit and add the reusable block “Re-Upload disclaimer”

Creating a post

Video tutorial

Written tutorial

Hover over “New” in the WordPress bar of the website and click on “Post” to get to the WordPress Editor.

Setting up your wordpress editor

Now before you get to writing, i would recommend to set up your WordPress editor appearance a bit as by default there is a lot of stuff that we don’t need.

  1. Click on the top right 3 dots
  2. Click on preferences
  1. Click on Panels
  2. Copy my settings exactly (you might have some options unavailable, just make sure you no extra options enabled)

Start: How to load a posting template

Open the menu on the top right 3 dots, click on “Templates” and then “My Templates”.

Now you can see our templates. It can update in the future.
Select one of the “🔰 GUIDED” templates, as they give additional information about what to do on the post in the form of yellow text.
IMPORTANT: Before submitting the skin, make sure to delete additional things you don’t need.

I will load in a champion skin template, however most parts can be applied to other mod types as well.

Editing your post content

I will go through the champion skin template step-by-step.

Post structure
Title (Mandatory)

Here you can add your title. Try to make it as short and accurate as possible.

Table of contents (Leave untouched)

This will automatically update when you delete any of the headings, so you also don’t have to edit anything here.

Basic mod information
Mod Information (Mandatory)

This is just the Basic mod information.

  • Champion: Simply put the name of the champion here
  • Modified skin: Put whatever skin name your mod modifies here. for example “Default” if it’s for the basic champion or “Freljord” if it’s for Freljord Ashe.
  • Author: Put your displayed name
  • Skin Version: On your first post this should be always 1.0, but it will have to be edited when you edit the mod.
  • Description: Here you can put a short sentence describing your mod if you want, or you can delete the whole line.
  • The last line is only required when the mod modifies anything else than the default skin. If it modifies default, delete the line. If it modifies any other skin, replace “FullSkinName” with the skin it replaces, in our case I would write ” …you need to own Freljord Ashe and select…”

! This section is different for other mod types ! Check point 4 if you are not posting a champion skin.

Features (Mandatory)

This lists what exactly the mod does/includes.

Think about what files you replaced in your mod, then delete the yellow text and delete the lines of which you don’t need.

! This section is different for other mod types ! Check point 4 if you are not posting a champion skin.

About the mod (Optional)

Here you can provide additional information about the mod (if you want). If not, delete the heading and the whole text.

Credits (Optional) (Mandatory if needed)

Here you can give credits to who ever might be involved in the mod as well, for example concept art, 3D-models, if someone helped you or if someone else gave you the idea for it.

Important additional mod information (Optional)

If you don’t have to fill out any of those sections, you can delete everything in here.

Known issues (Optional) (Mandatory when issues are present)

Here you can list SMALL known issues in your mod.

For example: small texture bug, small particle bug, an animation looks a bit weird, a sound doesn’t always get played, etc.
If there are any game breaking bugs like the game crashing or bugs that impact gameplay, fix them before posting the mod.

Additional installation instructions (Optional) (Mandatory if needed)

Here you can write down any additional installation instructions are needed outside the normal installation, for the mod specifically.

For example: additional files like different languages for voiceover need to be added to the mod, etc.

Important usage information (Optional) (Mandatory if needed)

This can be used to give out other important information for people using the mod.

For example: The mod has different chromas available, the mod comes in 2 different versions, it has different languages, etc.


Here you can preview your mod. It is mandatory to somehow preview your mod. Sound mods require a video, for other mods a screenshot is fine.

IMPORTANT: You can’t use all options at once. You can’t use option 1 and option 2 together, but option 1 + 3 and option 2 + 3.

Option 1: Single image

If you only have a single image you can simply drag-and-drop it into this window. It will be centered automatically.

If you have multiple images or no image, delete this section. And don’t just put the featured image here a second time.

Option 2: Image gallery

Using the “Custom image gallery” you can easily put multiple image than can be clicked on to enlarge them. It also shows different sized images nicely. Hold CTRL to select multiple images.

Load the images on the right side. It might be a bit irritating as the images don’t actually load in the editor, only in the post preview and actual post. You can re-arrange them on the right menu and edit them a bit.

If you only have a single image or no images, delete this section.

How to use this gallery:

Then it looks something like this:

Option 3: Video

Here you can directly put your Youtube video.

Your URL has to be short like this:

Download and Socials
Download link + hosting your mod (Mandatory)

The first button contains your download link.

Make sure to either post a direct link or a link. We do not allow other malicious link shorteners like,, etc.

Recommended sites to host your mod: Google Drive, Onedrive, Mediafire, Dropbox. Try to avoid MEGA for bigger mods.
We do not allow hosting the mod directly on Killerskins.

Your socials (Optional)

Here you can simply put any of your Social links, like Twitter, Facebook, or even things like Patreon.

If you have multiple ones (more than 2 or 3) you should consider making a

post “Footer”

You MUST leave this area completely untouched.

Installation (Leave untouched)

This section links the installation tutorial with some additional information.

Bugs and Errors (Leave untouched)

This section simply gives users some information and links where to get help.

Mod status and what does it mean (Leave untouched)

This explains the first section “Mod status” in the post.

Editing your post Settings

Categories (Mandatory)

Categories describe what the mod changes. Here you can find them explained.

Always make sure to give any mod post the category “Mods”, then a subcategory, like champion, then go more into detail for your mod, like “Remodels” and “New skins”.

Tags (Mandatory)

Tags are another way to find your skin and to list skins.

Make sure you are using the Champion- / Mapname. We also need the skin theme. You can add more if it’s needed, anything fitting for your post.
For the champion make sure to write it exactly as it’s written in LoL, for example: Cho’Gath, Miss Fortune, etc. (Used for this page)
As a last step, add your Creator name as a tag aswell.

Featured image (Mandatory)

The Featured image is the thumbnail of your post. Make sure you’re using the Photoshop PSD or Gimp template that you can find on this post.

IMPORTANT: The first image in a post is the featured image. You don’t have to add one seperately in your post before “Mod status”.

Differences for other mod types

Reusable blocks

Reusable blocks are parts of posts that can be reused in multiple posts. If you want to edit them, you have to convert them. Some have to stay the same over all website posts and musn’t be edited.

Submitting your Post

As a beginner you won’t be able to publish your post on your own. You will submit it, notify us in Discord and we will check it, so both steps are needed.

Submitting your post in wordpress (Mandatory)

As a last step you have to click on “Publish” in the top bar.

Next this window appears and you click on “Submit for review”.

Submitting your post in discord (Mandatory)

Go to #creator-submissions, ping @Submissions and mention your post name.
After you wrote in this channel and pinged, your post will be manually reviewed and checked any time soon.
If any mistakes were made or edits are needed you will be notified and the submission will be denied.
After you made the necessary edits, you will need to ping in #creator-submissions again.

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