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This tutorial will show you how to handle updating CSLoL-Manager without losing your skins, how to create multiple independent profiles for quicker mod loading and sorting and how to make a custom order for your mods. I will be also giving some general ideas you can use to improve your CSLoL-experience.

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: IM#6715

Download LCS-Manager

Download the newest version of LCS-Manager on Github.

How to update LCS-Manager and keep your config and mods

Creating multiple independent profiles

This is useful if you wanna have 2 mod lists, for example 1 for mod creation which is mostly empty and 1 for playing with all the mods you want to actually use.

  1. Start creating your first profile. Press on the top right corner on “NEW”, name your profile, import all the mods you want to have there, activate them and press on “SAVE”.

2. Now close LCS-Manager and go into your LCS-Manager folder. There you will see 2 folder: “installed” and “profiles”. Simple rename those 2 folders by simply adding something to the end, like the name of the profile in my case.

3. Now when you open LCS-Manager again it will be empty and create 2 new folder called “installed” and “profiles”.

4. Repeat that step depending on how many independant profiles you wanna use. To switch profile, simply rename the active one to something else and rename the one you want to use to the original name.

How to make a custom order for your mods

This can be nice if you want to custom sort your mods not by the actual skin names, but use a custom order.

Usage ideas:

  • Sort by champion (Aatrox, Ahri, Akali, …)
  • Sort by mod-type (Champion, HUD, Map, …)
  • Sort mods that need to load ontop of other mods first (LoR-Asset-Updater, …)
  • Sort by seasonal theme if you have different mods for those (Winter, Summer, …)

My unedited list:

Now just modify the name of the mod and CSLol will sort the mods alphabetically.

General ideas what you can do with LCS

You can write additional information to a mod you downloaded, like the download date, on which patch number you downloaded it or even the download link.
This can help you to recognize broken mods: When there are known broken mods in a new patch or the download date is a long time ago, it a good idea to check the original post for updates.
Writing down the download link also makes looking up the mod easier.


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