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CSLoL-Manager is working for the newest patch (unless this status states otherwise).

How to update CSLoL when needed: Check this post


!! IMPORTANT: CSLoL-Manager installs .fantome and .zip files !!

Follow the tutorials properly and don’t skip anything.
If you run into any errors, you can check out this post: Error fixes or ask on our Discord

CSLoL-Manager used to be called LCS-Manager.

Requirements to run LCS

  • At least Windows 10 + Direct X12
  • Most recent Windows update
  • Official Windows license
  • 64-bit processor

Most common issue + fix:

Problem: LCS-manager has the status “Waiting for a League match to start” but doesn’t change any of the skins when entering a match.

Solution: Run the tool as an admin, as this is necessary for users who have LCS manager (or maybe League of Legends) installed in a directory with restricted access.
Solution 2: For users without admin access, reinstall or move the affected files into a user made directory on your hard drive (Example: C:NameOfDirectory)


Video Tutorial

Killerskins Tutorial

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is possible see others players with their costum skins if they use that program?


Could you please create mac os version of the app ? Would be amazing !


Thank you!, I really appreasiate teh tuto that helps a lot uwu


should i run program everytime i wanna play league? or is it just once

herko E 3

“error: Failed to find base wad for: kayn.ja_jp”


Can install on a Macbook?


thx for share, its worked very well but look like it doesnt support win7,win8.1, pls update more for win7 vs win 8.1!


So, windows 7 user can go **** themselves?

i hate lcs mod manager

it sucks i updated it and it asks me to update again


bring wild rift Ezreal, please

Matt Shiydo

when i run lcs it opens and displays all white and then closes next. windows 10 64-bits


When i tried to install a moid, i get an error message saying “Not a valid game folder”, but i selected the “League of Legends.exe ” right from “D:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game”. Whats wrong about the game folder?


i can’t seem to find a tutourial to how to install custom voicepack
manually putting it in doesn’t work


is there any way to install custom skin in windows7?


Why every time i download any mods it’s saved as a txt file


support windows 7 ?


I downloaded 2 mods and now my game is stuck on 48 fps. I uninstalled league and all the mods and it’s still 48 fps after I downloaded it again. Is this something that has occurred before that you know how to fix?

Doãn Vu

plz add version 32bit T_T


i cant find league of legends.exe, since i use garena to play league what should i do?