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CSLoL-Manager is working for the newest patch (unless this status states otherwise).

How to update CSLoL when needed: Check this post


!! IMPORTANT: CSLoL-Manager installs .fantome and .zip files !!

Follow the tutorials properly and don’t skip anything.
If you run into any errors, you can check out this post: Error fixes or ask on our Discord

CSLoL-Manager used to be called LCS-Manager.

Requirements to run LCS

  • At least Windows 10 + Direct X12
  • Most recent Windows update
  • Official Windows license
  • 64-bit processor

Most common issue + fix:

Problem: LCS-manager has the status “Waiting for a League match to start” but doesn’t change any of the skins when entering a match.

Solution: Run the tool as an admin, as this is necessary for users who have LCS manager (or maybe League of Legends) installed in a directory with restricted access.
Solution 2: For users without admin access, reinstall or move the affected files into a user made directory on your hard drive (Example: C:NameOfDirectory)


Video Tutorial

Killerskins Tutorial



 by Tockoss in 09/08/2022

So, windows 7 user can go **** themselves?

 by tom in 20/09/2022

who tf uses windows 7

 by i hate lcs mod manager in 04/08/2022

it sucks i updated it and it asks me to update again

 by Caelum in 09/07/2022

bring wild rift Ezreal, please

 by Matt Shiydo in 07/07/2022

when i run lcs it opens and displays all white and then closes next. windows 10 64-bits

 by Trind4el in 21/06/2022

When i tried to install a moid, i get an error message saying "Not a valid game folder", but i selected the "League of Legends.exe " right from "D:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game". Whats wrong about the game folder?

 by 8man in 14/06/2022

i can't seem to find a tutourial to how to install custom voicepack manually putting it in doesn't work

 by duykhang1443 in 29/05/2022

is there any way to install custom skin in windows7?

 by Yoru in 29/05/2022


 by ShqKo in 28/05/2022

Why every time i download any mods it's saved as a txt file

 by Yoru in 28/05/2022

You must have accidently linked .fantome files to a text editor. Try following this tutorial:

 by shadow in 23/05/2022

support windows 7 ?

 by Yoru in 27/05/2022


 by Leon in 24/04/2022

I downloaded 2 mods and now my game is stuck on 48 fps. I uninstalled league and all the mods and it's still 48 fps after I downloaded it again. Is this something that has occurred before that you know how to fix?

 by Yoru in 28/05/2022

sometimes an antivirus can be buggy with cslol, try disabling it and see if its better

 by Doãn Vu in 18/03/2022

plz add version 32bit T_T

 by Yoru in 28/05/2022

not possible.

 by weeb in 12/03/2022

i cant find league of legends.exe, since i use garena to play league what should i do?

 by Yoru in 13/03/2022

look properly. the file is in a similiar location, just fruther down.

 by Feng in 10/03/2022

the mod working, but with a problem. it didnt mod my champion, but still mod other cham. Anyway to fix?

 by Yoru in 13/03/2022

then something is wrong with the champion mod.

 by hentaiiekko in 10/03/2022

how can i make hud bars ?

 by S4mple in 07/03/2022

does it work on windows 7 64bit?

 by Yoru in 09/03/2022

no, it needs at least win 8.

 by Deruko in 06/03/2022

Support windows11?

 by Yoru in 09/03/2022


 by Raphael Ziegler in 07/02/2022

I cannot extract it the way you do. I dont have the option "7Zip" like you do when you right click the file. What can i do ?

 by Yoru in 08/02/2022

it's just a normal .zip file, you should be able to unzip it

 by Justin in 30/01/2022

Hey, how do i update the manger :c

 by Yoru in 31/01/2022

 by Marco in 27/01/2022

Only 64 bit? :(

 by Yoru in 27/01/2022


 by DaaLii in 08/01/2022

when i use a skin from killerskins no one sees my skin any solution ?

 by Yoru in 08/01/2022

that's the whole point of custom skins, only you see the skin and people who also have it installed.

 by kilyan chapuis in 31/12/2021

when i click on "run" its just keep saying : "Waiting for league match to start"

 by Yoru in 01/01/2022

then go ingame

 by Jason in 03/12/2021

Is there a way to download skins on MacOS

 by Pontus Nilsson in 02/12/2021

Hey, i get a texture faliure on like flowers and stuff, just shows small boxes in different color, what too do?

 by eau in 27/11/2021

Does this support China's League of Legends?

 by Shirya in 06/11/2021

You should try to add an option to order the skins in the order we want, would be awesome

 by Venoor Euw in 03/11/2021

hi i have low pc 32 bit can give skin manenger 32 plssssssss :(((( pls

 by Yoru in 03/11/2021

it no longer supports 32 bits and will most likely never again.

 by Uuza in 29/10/2021

Does LCS manager need to run in background while ingame or can I close it ? Thanks

 by Marlon Rentmeister in 24/10/2021

Yo does this only work in matchmade games?

 by Yoru in 25/10/2021

this works for everything in theory, there are only no tft skins yet

 by Angelitooo in 17/10/2021

Please i need help, the link for download Killer skin to 32 bits ?

 by Yoru in 17/10/2021

lcs does not support 32 bits anymore.

 by yess in 11/10/2021

hey, it says that i have to download an update, but i cant downoad it, how do i do it?

 by Al Venson in 21/09/2021

Yeah it workds broooo

 by Kacper in 20/09/2021

how oto uninstall this?

 by Yoru in 20/09/2021

you delete all files associated with lcs.

 by Leon Gomez in 17/09/2021

bro me too it's happening me the same thing :c

 by Jonas in 12/09/2021

How do you get custom skins on mac?

 by Lukas in 09/09/2021

Hey! I tried dragging my "League of Legends.exe" into Lcs Manager but it says, "League of Legends.exe not found" even though I am indeed dragging the .exe file. I even tried making a shortcut and then dragging that file but I get the same error. note: I just redownloaded the league client fresh before doing this

 by Yoru in 09/09/2021

ask for help here:

 by Turkey in 22/08/2021


 by Muri in 28/07/2021

all the times I tried to install it, the app opens but when I set up the Leagueoflegends.exe it stops working

 by EVCOAT in 26/07/2021

Kayn announcer v2 pack is not working because it has no meta/info.json file

 by Yoru in 26/07/2021

don't unpack any mods you get from this site.

 by Klewas in 23/07/2021

When I do everything with kayn announcer everything works but when I get into game there is no announcer at all (launched as admin)

 by Braselman in 22/07/2021

Why is the english GP Announcer ingame muted? The LCS manager is working fine but there is no custom announcer. Latest files are downloaded,

 by Alex in 19/07/2021

Does this work on garena philippines?

 by Mordomo in 14/07/2021

I only managed to download the 32-bit one, in your video it doesn't show any number. Does this influence the process ? Sorry if the message was sent twice, it's because I wondered if it was or not.

 by Yoru in 14/07/2021

You should re-download it. There is also a new video now.

 by Mordomo in 12/07/2021

When I open "Ics.manager" my computer send me a messager "Vírus". Should i worry?

 by Yoru in 13/07/2021

If you got it from the official github directory we have linked, then no.

 by chepe in 06/07/2021

LCS::WadMergeQueue::addWad:31: this->path_ = "C:\\Users\\PC Ryzen\\Downloads\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\profiles\\Default Profile" source->path() = "C:\\Users\\PC Ryzen\\Downloads\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed\\Old Irelia w Voice\\WAD\\RAW.wad.client" LCS::WadMergeQueue::addMod:21: this->path_ = "C:\\Users\\PC Ryzen\\Downloads\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\profiles\\Default Profile" mod->path() = "C:\\Users\\PC Ryzen\\Downloads\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed\\Old Irelia w Voice"No base .wad found! im trying to use the old irelia skin and getting this error ever, anyone can help me >s

 by Yoru in 06/07/2021

You can ask for help here:

 by muffinman109 in 01/07/2021

hi, when i try and use LCS for a skin i get an error message saying: [Error] Save profile: i have pressed the save button at the top multiple time but i still get the message, any ideas

 by Yoru in 01/07/2021

Ask for help here:

 by hi girls in 29/06/2021

What should I do if after the last update of the game I do not have the League of Legends folder and the date and mods folders in the "Riot Client" folder?

 by Yoru in 29/06/2021

You need to look where your Leaguf of Legends.exe is

 by phuhuy12 in 28/06/2021

why i have : "Patch League: Failed to find fopen call!". and how i can fix it

 by Yoru in 29/06/2021

You can't, it no longer works on Garena

 by Mirodir in 17/06/2021

I solved it by putting the skin file inside the lolcustomskin folder

 by FFNX in 09/06/2021

Ever since I tried to install a .fantome map , when i launch leauge it automatically puts me into a match without champ select and crashes , i can't even use the client since the only button available is reconnect

 by Yoru in 09/06/2021

You can ask for help properly here:

 by Quang Huy Thiều in 07/06/2021

i think it doesn't work on garena's server, i did well but there's nothing changed

 by Yoru in 07/06/2021

it usually should. maybe ask on the server for help

 by d3m0nick17 in 02/06/2021

after trying to add a skin and running it gave me this error: header_.version == std::array{'R', 'W', '\x3', '\x0'} path_: "C:\\Riot Games\\League of Legends\\Game\\DATA\\FINAL\\" __cdecl LCS::Wad::Wad(const class std::filesystem::path &,const class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits,class std::allocator > &):13 path_: "C:\\Riot Games\\League of Legends\\Game" __cdecl LCS::WadIndex::WadIndex(const class std::filesystem::path &,bool):22

 by Yoru in 03/06/2021

download newest version.

 by Hepulia in 22/05/2021

\x0'} LCS::Wad::Wad:17: this->path_ = "C:\\Riot Games\\League of Legends\\Game\\DATA\\FINAL\\" this->name_ = LCS::WadIndex::WadIndex:27: this->path_ = "C:\\Riot Games\\League of Legends\\Game" blacklist_ = 1 ignorebad = 0 HOW DO I FIX THIS

 by Yoru in 22/05/2021

ask for help on discord

 by iwant2bfiora in 18/05/2021

where did you get the download for 2b fiora

 by LukeUser0 in 13/05/2021

when trying to install a mod it brings up an error that says "Install fantome mod". Even though the file I'm trying to install is a .fantome? Tried with a .zip file but the same error occurred.

 by LukeUser0 in 15/05/2021

nevermind, found the solution. Just had to move the files to a place that has english only characters.

 by Vamifs in 25/05/2021

How did you solved it?

 by Waterantonio103 in 08/05/2021

So when i click on the 3 lines and click to download the, it opens files to league of legends but when i click open it doesnt do anything, is it bcuz i need to give it a name?

 by aaron in 04/05/2021

Does this work on Garena?

 by Yoru in 04/05/2021

it should, yes

 by Ocean Maaan in 04/05/2021

yo does this work for the new patch yet?

 by Yoru in 04/05/2021


 by Yasu in 03/05/2021

Hi, when i start a game, the skin dont work, in mean that il launch the game when it says " Waiting for league match to start " so the skin is ready but when i launch the game the skin dont work and i only have the basic rift instead of Winter Rift 2021.

 by Yoru in 04/05/2021

try running lcs as admin

 by asdasdsd in 28/04/2021

Failed to find ret offset!

 by Yoru in 28/04/2021

lcs doesnt work on newest patch, wait a bit

 by jkg in 28/04/2021

it always says Failed to find ret offset help?

 by Yoru in 28/04/2021

lcs doesnt work on newest patch, wait a bit

 by Stephugi in 26/04/2021

hi, i need help. when i install some soundpacks or map packs it allways shows that a base.wad file is missing and i dont't know what to do. pls help

 by IaTy in 24/04/2021

When i click "save" whit a Custom Map, that show me an error window that says "League path not set!" but is a map, where i can set that?

 by Yoru in 25/04/2021

when you open lcs for the first time you should be able to set the LoL path. Delete config and try again

 by juan in 22/04/2021

how to remove lsc-maneger mods

 by Yoru in 23/04/2021

click on the 3 dots on the right side and it lets you remove it

 by dio in 19/04/2021

hi i have 4 gb ram wil it still work?

 by IceKnife in 16/04/2021

I dont know why, my lcs says "wait for league" but when i start the game just the custom maps work! The custom skins dont work for me i dont know why... Can someone help me?

 by Yoru in 18/04/2021

you should ask for help in the discord:

 by s in 14/04/2021

When you run lcs-manager, no window appears. I formatted my computer, but is there anything I need to install to run the file?

 by SugarKaiser in 11/04/2021

It used to work for me, but now I get the error "Sorry! We've detected a problem with your installation. We will now attempt to repair the affected files."

 by Yoru in 11/04/2021

then your mod doesnt work

 by Frankkoo in 30/03/2021

It just says waiting for league match to start, does that mean it's done?

 by Yoru in 30/03/2021


 by Adison in 22/03/2021

My game doesn't get past 60% and then just takes me back to the reconnect screen on client. How do i fix this? I am specifically using the snoop dogg skin for nasus

 by Yoru in 23/03/2021

 by Piozer in 22/03/2021

League of Legends.exe could not be found! help pls

 by user in 21/03/2021

hey how do i install .fantome mods on lcs(like a mod called japanese champion audio).

 by Yoru in 21/03/2021

the newest version of lcs-manager loads .fantome files.

 by Niznamba in 03/04/2021

looks like it doesnt

 by D2kSaga in 15/03/2021

MIne Worked every single step no error but when I get in the game match nothing changed Nothing to do with texture not being setted higg

 by Yoru in 15/03/2021

try running lcs as admin

 by talas in 24/02/2021

not working for winter rift..

 by Liroy in 20/02/2021

When i press "Run" it sais: "Error Save Profile League path not set!" Dont know how to fix it

 by Sarah Dellen in 19/02/2021

Error Install Fantome Mod fs::exists(tmp / "META" / "info.json") LCS::ModIndex::install_from_zip:69: this->path_ = "F:\\lolcustomskin-tools-64\\installed" srcpath = "F:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Game/" Hmmmmmmmm... xd

Link exchange is nothing else however it is only placing the other person's web site link on your page at proper place and other person will also do same in support of you.

 by Final Boss Veigar in 22/01/2021

the error i get is league patch (Failed to find fopen call!)

 by Final Boss Veigar in 21/01/2021

its not working since 11.2 update or is it just me

 by xDarkMatter05 in 20/01/2021


 by Lemons in 16/01/2021

[Error] Program path contains non-english characters, how i resolve this?

 by Yoru in 16/01/2021

By not having non english characters in your path lol

 by Lucas in 16/04/2021


 by Yoru in 18/04/2021

by moving it somewhere on your pc where there are only normal english letters

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