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  • Type of Change: Summoner’s Rift + Minions/Jg minions/Dragons/Minimap
  • Author: Tyre 4770
  • Skin Version: 2.1
  • Description: The laziest summoner’s rift map ever!



I apologize for taking such a long hiatus! I wasn’t playing League very much in the last few years, and I ended up having to transition to Xbox gaming for a while. Now, I have a better PC. NO MORE 5FPS SPOTLIGHTS! AW YEAH. The entire map was remade – there’s only a very slight difference between LR Reborn and the original, it’s so tiny that OBS couldn’t pick it up when I tried to record an example! There is still a seam over in red side’s blue jungle, and I can’t do anything about that. Sorry, friends!

LRR Reborn V3 brings some new changes. Turrets, Inhibs, and Nexus are now recolored. Green = Red and Pink = Blue. The Minions are now recolored Arcade Minions! Red Minions = Blue Side and Green Minions = Red Side. 😀 Baron & Summoned Rift Herald now display the correct textures.

You may choose to either download V2 or V3 – the choice is yours!


When I first recorded the Spotlight, Minions weren’t working – See the video below for a working minions spotlight!

Lazy Rift V3 is here – Check what’s new/fixed below!

Lazy Rift V4 has landed!

Same thing as V3 – Blue side is Red/Hot Red/Hot Pink & Red side is Green!




Version 2.1 release


Third release

  • AddedArcade Minions as default(recolored), Recolored structures
  • FixedBaron and Summoned Herald now display the proper textures.

Third release – quick fix

  • FixedA single super minion didn’t have the right texture in high res textures. ;-; This ditzy cat has fixed it.


[23.06.2021] Fourth release

  • Deleted Removed the loading screen so that custom loading screens are compatible & you don’t have to remove it yourself. You still have to remove it yourself for V2 and V3.
  • Changed Changed normal turrets for Nexus Blitz turrets, and changed minions to Star Guardian.

[19.07.2021] Ultimate Spellbook compatibility

  • Added Added files for Spellbook, may have missed some files because my search doesn’t work.
  • Updated Updated to work with Spellbook. Fixed some textures that weren’t applying on lower res. If I missed any, let me know.
  • Deleted Deleted the loading screen files in V2 and V3 to allow for custom loading screen usage.


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