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This tutorial teaches you how to change the in-game font to any font you like.

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Hello! Here I will show you how to add your own font to the game! This will only effect the in-game fonts and not the client.

Required tools

  • Font of Choice
  • Converter if the font you want is a .ttf, as it is required to be .otf to work.
  • The included template

Video tutorial


 by Flag in 20/07/2022

how to decrease font size?

 by Yoru in 22/07/2022

you can't, unless you directly change the font file

 by N3stix in 28/03/2022

Is this tutorial still up to date? With the new lcs manager you cant drag in a folder like in the video.

 by Yoru in 28/05/2022

you can, just dont run it as admin.

 by Unknown or Deleted User in 30/08/2021

what font is used on the korean client?

 by Elsoka in 25/07/2021

where is the font template?!

 by Yoru in 25/07/2021

in the post.

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