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  • Champion: Yone
  • Modified skin: Default
  • Author: UnPelotudoJugando & Kingshound
  • Mod version: 1.0
  • Description: No way it’s the rules of nature guy!


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  • New model and texture
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified loadingscreen
  • Modified particles
  • Edited ability sounds
  • New voiceover

About the mod

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The props from his animations (the fish and plate from his joke, the chair and Morin Khuur from his dance and the mask from his recall) had to be removed


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  • Model exported from the game to SFM format by LaxusBLadl ( Model imported to league by Kingshound (

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Additional installation instructions

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Download and Socials

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[21.06.2022] FIrst release

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Bugs and errors

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 by IBeefyI in 08/07/2022

Che man, podrias hacer que '' Rules of Nature '' dure mas tiempo luego de ultear? quizas hacer que deje de sonar la cancion hasta donde dice '' Out here only the strong surive '', digo para almenos sentir mas inmersion en las peleas que duran mas tiempo xd

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 17/07/2022

Probé con hacer que la canción dure más pero se volvia demasiado molesto a lo largo de la partida

 by Hamid Ibno in 07/07/2022

and also make steven armstrong as sett or belveth cause belveth throw fast punches as well and sett kinda give it of the same vibe as steven armstrong

 by Hamid Ibno in 07/07/2022

can u make the same sound effect of jet stream yasuo on this one (jets stream yas) when it Q it has some kind of sound effect that kind of satisfying and also the sparky thingy when he Q that would be cool and great

 by Nameless in 07/07/2022

can u make the same sound effect as the jet stream yasuo when he Q and those sparks things also that would be good

 by weakdragon in 29/06/2022

now i want yasuo as jetstream sam

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 29/06/2022

I already made it xd

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 25/06/2022

you seem to have downloaded the wrong vo, your language is in latam spanish and you downloaded the US version

 by ZeNXie in 22/06/2022

I keep getting "exit with error" error message when I try uploading VO file into mod do you know how to fix it?

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 25/06/2022

No sorry, i dont even know how to read error messages. Your best bet would be to ask on the discord server

Comment your feedback or questions here (English only!). If you get any error ask for help on our discord instead: