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Mod information

  • Modified Sounds: Mordekaiser’s SFX
  • Author: Un Pelotudo Jugando
  • Skin Version: 2.0
  • Description: No this doesn’t and won’t have anything about Brazil, deal with it bozo


  • Modifies Mordekaiser’s skill sounds
  • Modifies Mordekaiser’s W and R quotes

About the mod

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Known issues

  • The ULT SFX will play it’s full duration, doesn’t matter if you get the kill earlier or if the Ult gets dispelled

Important usage information

The quotes will make Mordekaiser have his english VO, if you don’t want to have them you’re not missing out on much


Download and Socials

IMPORTANT: Make sure you choose the correct VO file, there’s a text file in the folder in case you need help.



[10.05.2022] FIrst release

  • Nanomachines, son.


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Mod status and what does it mean

Updated: The mod is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The mod works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The mod does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by mordekaiserenjoyer in 26/05/2022

With which skins does it work? Also great mod I've had a lot of fun using it.

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 27/05/2022

It should work with dragon knight, lord, king of clubs and infernal but I can't say for sure. Also I'm very glad you liked it :)

 by DArius00 in 26/05/2022

how do u use the Voice file

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 27/05/2022

You just select the correct version for your league language and use it alongside the base mod

 by Dragoness in 25/05/2022

Is the "extra" file to run alongside or separate from the main one?

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 26/05/2022


 by nam in 22/05/2022

Does the first file work with all server? because you didn't make seperated server file like the extra one

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 23/05/2022

Yeah that one should work regardless of the server you're in

 by S0mb1 in 15/05/2022

How sad that the R does not say Go to Brazil :C

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 15/05/2022

Gonna cry?

 by Ani in 11/05/2022

Thanks a lot for your mods Mr Pelotudo!

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 11/05/2022

And thank you for enjoying them xd

 by Drpielz in 11/05/2022

How i can create a sound mod?

 by Un Pelotudo Jugando in 11/05/2022

There's a tutorial on the page, look on the sound editing tab

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