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Skin information

  • HUD/UI theme name: FUTURE HUD3.0
  • Author: Smile
  • Skin Version: 3.1
  • Description: A total of three colors


  • Main HUD (Main bottom menu, masteries, skills, items, enemy info, minimap border)
  • Death recap
  • Scoreboard, jungle timers, dragon counter
  • Special champion HUDs (Aphelios, Gangplank, Kayn, Kindred, Elementalist Lux, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, Neeko, Ornn)
  • Practice tool HUD
  • Voicechat, surrender vote
  • Emote pop-ups, ping-wheel

Important usage information

When using it, please turn on “The screen flickers when injured” in the game settings.

All HUDs + Downloads

FUTURE HUD 3.0 – Mars Red

FUTURE HUD 3.0 – Galaxy Blue

FUTURE HUD 3.0 – 2012VP 113



[04.06.2021] FIrst release

  • UpdatedThanks Valfren for his help, it can be used normally at present.


  • Fixed Dragon counter


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Bugs and errors

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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Luna in 14/09/2021

Is there no HUD change for jungle camps?

 by thetones in 09/09/2021

Would love a fix on dragon indicators, this is my favorite HUD.

 by Yoru in 10/09/2021

it already got fixed, redownload the files

 by OfficialPablo in 15/07/2021

i have the same issue :(

 by mazenr in 15/07/2021

fix the drakes pls

 by Sinful in 14/07/2021

The Dragons are totally broken in the TAB hud, its a jumbled mess, only on the blue one i believe :(

 by Finn Rogue in 12/07/2021

I love this!, just wish there was a light purple one, still rocking the blue one tho

 by THUC in 08/07/2021

update mod HUD

 by thetones in 13/06/2021


 by Kyie in 06/06/2021

Please Provide the HUD in purple color

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