Custom skin tool Creators


Crauzer is a coding expert who created the Fantome.Library (Now LeagueTools), Fantome (Custom Skin installer), Obsidian and other useful League of Legends custom skin tools.
His coding languages are: C#, C++, Rust, C, CMake (Using Github infos)

Discord: crauzer#2640

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moonshadow is a coding expert who created LCS-Manager, ritobin (bin converter) and lots of other League of Legends tools.
His coding languages are: C++, C#, C. Python, HTML (Using Github infos)

Discord: moonshadow#8503

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Morilli is helping out Crauzer and moonshadow where he can with coding, updating LCS and Fantome amongst others.
His coding languages are: C++, C#, C. Python (Using Github infos)

Discord: Morilli / モリッツ#9441

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Former Voxskins admins


I am Damonix, a self destructive 2D-Artist with an affinity for Chaos.
I mostly work on Chromas or help out Yoru on textures and splasharts.

Discord: Damonix#9219

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Quicksilver Sash is doing League of Legends Meme videos or road to challenger with only Draven.
He also creates a game named “Bliss” with his brother which can be supported here.

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BRAHIM is a Motion Graphic Designer and Video Editor.
He creates awesome 3D League montages.

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RossBoomsocks is a League of Legends content creator who creates scripted and edited videos,
rants and edited gameplay highlights.

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SkinSpotlights is a content creator who shows mainly new League of Legends skins on his channel.
He is also the data miner of [email protected]

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