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Coding Creation Tips

This tutorial will help you to find out what emitters actually look liker in an particle.

Load your particle .bin in Hacksaw and go to the Container (find them using this tutorial) where you are unsure about something.

Select an emitter you want to know about, select only 1 color (best something neon that does not match the other colors) and press “Recolor selected”.

Next press “Save”, click on the “Ok” on the prompt and back in Hacksaw, immediatly press “Undo” to do no harm to your bin.

Note: If you have a skinX.bin inside data/characters/yourchamp/skins/ (for example Skin0), you don’t have to delete the .json.
If you have any other .bin file that’s outside or directly inside the data folder, you have to delete the .json.

Now it usually should stand out in-game.

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