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Coding Creation Tips

This tutorial will help you if emitters names don’t make sense to you and you are trying to figure out what to change while particle swapping.

First download League Director and install it. You will also need a replay of the champion you are working on.

Open up the replay by drag-and-dropping your .rofl onto a shortcut of League of Legends.exe. (Tutorial video here)

After it started, open the League Director.

Now in the window “Particles” search for your champion name to get all the particle containers associated with the champion.
This also lists sounds etc. and the list kinda sucks – just get everything that has your champion in the name, other containers most likely aren’t used for that.

Now play the replay and on emitters you are unsure about, disable them in the list and see what changes.

Ahri_Base_Q_mis is the first part of the Q, where she throws the orb.

Ahri_Base_Q_mis02 is when the orb comes back.

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