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Coding Creation Tips

This tutorial will help you when editing particles to find all files you need and also find files that play on specific abilities.

For this you will need Hacksaw by Marcius and Ritobin by moonshadow565.

First get all .bins associated with the skin you want to find the particles with Obsidian.

Extract them inside a wad.client folder

Open Hacksaw (Go into settings first if this is your first time starting Hacksaw and select Ritobin.cli) and go to “Bintex”. Then select your wad.client folder.

After running, you might find a few unused files, it will always show a “SkinX.btx” file at the end.

Now when you go inside your .wad.client folder you will see 3 .json files:

Combined: All files that are used in your .bins.

Separate: All files separate emitters use, e.g. Katarina_ba_tar (Effect on enemy when Katarina basic attacks). You can use it to find all files that are used on e.g. Katarina BA by just combining the lists.
Don’t know what emitters you are looking for? Look at this tutorial.

Missing: All files that are mentioned in your .bin but cannot be found in their correct locations or aren’t in your .wad.folder at all.

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