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This short guide will tell you how you can most likely fix your Hacksaw if you run into any kind of bug.

List of bugs

Selected bin shows nothing at all

First make sure to check “Settings” if you selected your ritobin.

Hacksaw just doesn’t open

When trying to run the .exe nothing happens.

It might show up in task manager however.

What is not a bug

Popup with “No color values found” after opening a .bin. This is valid.

Universal fix

First press Windows + R. In the popup, type in %AppData%/hacksaw and press Ok.

Inside the folder, look for UserPrefs.json. Delete that file.

Now open up Hacksaw again.

First you need to select your ritobin_cli.exe again.

Your settings will be deleted, meaning you will have to set them again. Your color samples are save however.

If Hacksaw still doesn’t work properly, report to the Discord Server.

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