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  • Replaces: all the basic HUD features
  • Does not replace: shop, options, surrender
  • Author: Yoru
  • Skins version: 1.0

Battle Queen Diana

Battle Queen Diana Prestige

Battle Queen Janna

Battle Queen Katarina

Battle Queen Qiyana

Battle Queen Rell

Made with the Simple HUD Template

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FIrst release

  • AddedFirst release


Custom Skins currently on this page should work for every patch, unless the skin status states otherwise.
If you are sure the skin itself has issues, even though you installed it correctly, please let us know in the comments!

Make sure to check out our FAQ and Error fixes to solve any issues you might have.
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Updated: The skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


Both tutorials work for ALL types of custom skins you can find on this website. It does not matter if they come as .fantome or .zip, the installation is the same, as long as you have the latest update of the program.
At the moment we recommend installing skins with LCS-Manager.


 by Giselle in 30/01/2021

Como se descargan los huds?

 by ShizzleYTB in 13/01/2021

Hey! I made a video on this skin, gonna leave the link here, if needed :D -

 by ShizzleYTB in 13/01/2021

Hey! Made a video on this skin, gonna leave it here if needed! :D -

 by Raizuu in 09/01/2021

By any chance, are you working on a jhin hud? I'm a jhin main and cant find any custom huds for it :(

 by Yoru in 10/01/2021

For now I will only make a Shan Hai Jhin hud, but as I said Dark Cosmic is also on my list, I also enjoy the Project theme so that will come at some point too

 by Nami in 08/01/2021

Those look so cool! You done a good job! May I request All Star Guardians? Or Star Guardian Neeko Prestige? :3

 by Yoru in 08/01/2021

First I will get to doing upcoming skins, aka now I also have to do Elderwood from this patch and then Wardens/Marauder. Next patch will be Ruined and Shan Hai then I will get to older lines^^ But Star Guardian, KDA, Cosmic and Dark Star/Dark Cosmic are on my priority list :3

 by Giselle in 30/01/2021

Hello uwu, I really liked the queen rell one, I would like to know if you would also make her design for the store? :( Thank you very much I hope you answer :3

 by Yoru in 01/02/2021

probably not as the store is a bit annoying to deal with

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