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Website Information


Color used on this website: #dd163b


What category does my post belong to? – Explanation:

  • CHAMPIONS: All custom skins for LoL champions
    • REMODELS: Custom skins that change the model of champions
      • MODEL SWAPS: Custom skins that take models from other games and put them on LoL champions
      • NEW SKINS: Completly new skins (New model, new particles etc.)
      • WILD RIFT: Wild Rift models put on LoL champions
    • RESTORATIONS: Custom skins that bring back old versions of champions
    • RETEXTURES: Custom skins made only by changing textures of existing models
      • CHROMAS: Full new color palettes for existing skins, no 3D-model change involved, no small texture edits only, usually no new particles
      • HD SKINS: Upscaled and or improved textures of existing skins/champions
      • RESKINS: Custom skins that change the thematic of a skin completely, just by changing textures and particles
    • SKIN EDITS: Texture/Model adjustments for existing skins, no full color palette changes
  • FONTS: Changes the LoL in-game font
  • HUD: Skins that edit the LoL In-Game HUD/Interface
  • INFOS: Only for admins.
  • MAPS: Skins that change any LoL map (Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, etc.), Textures or Remodels
  • Miscellaneous: Custom skins that don’t fit any of the other categories
    • MINIONS: Custom skins that change the appearance of minions
    • RECALLS: Custom skins that change the recall animation
    • INDICATORS: Custom skins that change any kinda of Indicators, like skill indicators, pings or cursors.
  • SOUNDS: Any kind of sound custom skins, like voiceovers for champions or announcers
  • TOOLS: Custom skin related tools
    • If you want to contribute any Tools, contact an admin first (preferrably Yoru)!
  • TUTORIALS: Guides to do anything custom skin related

Make sure to not only include the last category your skin belongs to, but also the main category: Champions/Remodels/Wild Rift

Template for WordPress Thumbnails

All Posts need to use this template, otherwise it won’t be accepted.

WordPress Reusable Blocks

Reusable Blocks are edited Blocks that can be reused in multiple posts.

In order to find them you just click on the + to add a new block and then type in the name of the block.

To edit it, you need to Convert it to a regular Block ( can be buggy, if it doesn’t work, Save Draft and reload)

Patch 11.3 Fix Changelog

Name: Changelog fix for Patch 11.3
Used for: Post updates for Custom Models that broke with the 11.3 Gamepatch
Needs to be changed: Date and maybe version number 2.0


[11.02.2021] Updated for Patch 11.3

  • FixeDUpdated the skl so the skin does not crash anymore in loading screen
  • Updated File format is now .fantome

Name: Custom Image Gallery
Used for: Multiple images for a champion which do not take up the whole width of the post or are nearly the same ( turnarounds for example)
Needs to be changed: Loaded Images, as there are non selected.
Bugs: Might disappear when you convert it to a regular block, just save draft and reload the site then.

seperator line

Name: Long Seperator Line
Used for: Seperating a post into parts, clarity

Changelog Update for Fantome and LCS-Manager

Name: Changelog Update for Fantome and LCS-Manager
Used for: Older skins that just need a file format update
Needs to be changed: Date/Version


[12.01.2021] Updated for Fantome and LCS-Manager

  • FixedNow works as a Mod for LCS-Manager and Fantome
  • UpdatedFile format is now .fantome


Creating mod files to share (required for posting)

Tool to fix .skl files + tutorial

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