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League of Legends mod to be used with cslol-manager

Mod information

  • Champion: Diana
  • Modified skin: Default
  • Author: Yoru
  • Mod version: 1.3
  • Description: Old updated skin from 2017


  • New model and texture
  • Supports all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified loadingscreen
  • Modified particles


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  • Thanks to Bearded Shepherd and Damonix for helping me with her textures
  • Models used: Infernal Diana, Blood Moon Diana, Skt T1 Syndra, Lunar Wraith Caitlyn © Riot Games

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Download and Socials

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[15.04.2023] Patch 13.7

  • Fixed Bugged Healthbars

[14.10.2022] Weapon fix

  • Fixed weapon now faces the right direction

[24.09.2022] Updated for CSLoL

  • Fixed Outdated .skl
  • Updated file format is now .fantome
  • Improved textures
  • Added New particles

[25.06.2017] FIrst release

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Safety of mods – can you get banned?

Now, you might be concerned about the safety of using mods and custom skins in a competitive online-game.

That’s why we compiled all information we have in this post:

Bugs and errors

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