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  • Champion replaced: Jhin
  • Skin replaced: Default
  • Author: Yoru
  • Skin version: 1.2
  • Parts used: Debonair Ezreal, Bloodmoon Jhin, Heartseeker Orianna, Masquerade Evelynn © Riot Games Casanova Zanis, Jazz Lovers Elsu ©TiMi Studios

Extra INfos

  • New model and texture
  • Replaces all champion texture quality settings
  • Modified loadingscreen
  • Modified particles + traps

Known Issues

  • Reload animation is bugged due to unknown causes


  • Yoru: Model, Rigging, Particles
  • Damonix: Textures, splashart
  • Bearded Shepheard: Model edit



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[19.10.2021] Bugfix

  • Fixed Buggy squares on abilities

[18.10.2021] Updated for Patch 11.20

  • Fixed Outdated bins, no longer has missing sounds

[14.02.2021] First release


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Bugs and errors

Custom Skins currently on this page should work for every patch, unless the skin status states otherwise.
If you are sure the skin itself has issues, even though you installed it correctly, please let us know in the comments!

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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.


 by Smuckers in 04/07/2021

Hey, so I just used this skin in the practice mode and there are a few issues I'm noticing. The reload animation is just, jank, which is odd because it appears in your video, idk if there was an issue with it but his reload animation simply doesn't look right, his gun is off floating and his legs look like theyre being dragged. A smaller issue was there are no voice lines when he taunts, which is odd because they're clearly in the video, however in game they simply don't play. Some even smaller issues which I'm not sure if they're intentional or not but his W doesn't have a bullet, or particle or anything to indicate where the hitbox or bullet currently is in the animation. while this isn't necessarily a problem simply because of how fast it is, it is a bit off. And then there is his ult which only has particle effects, which could very well be by design, but I figured I'd let you know about it just in case. If you'd like pictures or videos I'd be happy to dm you on discord but I just figured I'd let you know here first

 by Yoru in 04/07/2021

the realod animations ssadly can't be fixed, it's just an issue with Jhin and custom skins. What's wrong with the taunt voicelines I have no idea as I edited them. The W is just jhin's original W but recolored at most. And the ult bullets should have small hearts and for the last shot a big boquet, if they're missing thats a bug

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