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This template contains all files and an explanation to make a custom normal and baron recall.

If you use this template, please credit it properly and link back to this post.

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or you can contact me directly: Yoru#1006

Download template

Required tools to edit the template

  • Any 2D-Editor that can open .dds files
  • Wooxy (Under Miscellaneous) if you want to recolor the whole recall


Thanks to @bloojae for helping me figure some of those textures out.

Purple and pink are the baron recall, blue the normal recall.
To demonstrate in-game changes i will recolor blue files to red, one at a time and add some textures onto them.

Textures and what they edit

Edits some of the initial color beam.
Takes on the color directly.


Edits the effect when you arrive in base, takes some color.
Texture gets really smushed together.


Barely does anything, just recolor to the default color of the recall to be safe.

Don’t recolor, colors come from troybin (see below).
Slightly pulsating inner circle and flying upwards at the end.
Can place image in middle, rotation depends on which direction the character faces, so circular images are recommended.


Big bottom circle, spins, can place any image here.
Takes on the color of the image.


Not fully sure how those work.
The blue one doesn’t seem to do anything really.
Purple can cause overlapping issues on the baron recall if it’s the same as the purple file to the left.

Just recolor them to be safe or edit them properly if you want to experiment.

Initial inside color beam and beam when arriving in base.
Takes on color directly from the texture.
Can use image, “rotates” inwards.


Edits more of the initinal beam, takes on a bit of color from the texture and from the troybin.
Can use image, extends outwards from the middle.


Appears when arriving in base.
Randomly placed streaks, can use image, but must be placed upside down (Arrow is pointing upwards in image, but downwards in-game).


Don’t recolor, colors come from troybin (see below).
Random streaks that also move randomly and overlap a lot.
Can use image, must be placed upside down (Arrow is pointing upwards in image, but downwards in-game).


teleporthome.troybin and how to edit it

Open the .troybin in the Wooxy troybin editor and change the following values to XRGBA-values by clicking on the line and replacing the values on the bottom of the program, then click “Apply changes”. “Save file” in the end:


Inside “RingTImer”, don’t replace the 52 / last value!

XRGBA – to get XRGBA values watch this tutorial (02:11 – 4:00) and make sure to insert your values with . (period) instead of a , comma).

Inside “Ripples”, don’t replace the first and last values!
Inside “skyStreak_quads1”, don’t replace the first and last values!




[22.01.2022] FIrst release


 by Daniel in 23/01/2022

sorry but is there a mod for janna's model in wild rift?

 by Yoru in 23/01/2022


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