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I made a simplified HUD for myself and decided to turn it into an easy-to-use template so you guys can use it too 🙂
You can find the tutorial for it HERE.

If you use this template, please credit it properly and link back to this post.

If you encounter any issues with this template, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server.


The layers (should) have the same name in all of the .psd files.
They are also color coded:

  • Yellow: Metal parts
  • Green: Background textures (mostly hidden by images, I recommend recoloring them anyways)
  • Violet: Main color (usually indicators)
  • Red: Indicates areas that are always hidden by something (e.g. abilities). Has to be turned invisible before exporting.
  • Blue: Indicates areas that are sometimes hidden (e.g. item slots). Has to be turned invisible before exporting.
  • Gray: You do not need to edit that layer at all and they are usually locked, however, you can turn it invisible if you want to, unless it says (Leave untouched).
  • Uncolored: Folders containing all the image areas you can drop in your image.

There will also be gray colored folders called “Empty layers for actions (Ignore)”. They are needed in order to not break when batch processing the template.

Here you can find all Skins using the Simple HUD Template

Required tools

Download the .zip and extract it to the folder “Ui.wad.client”.


Due to a change in filetype to .tex files you now need to convert all .dds files into .tex files after editing:

tex2dds by morilli


Here you can find both the written tutorial and the video tutorial:

Tutorial: Using the Simple HUD template



[21.02.2023] Update

  • Fixed missing jungletimers
  • Improved Some areas which don’t look good with light colors, some coloring
  • Added reconnectatlas, chatframe_atlas

[12.02.2023] Patch 13.3 Update

  • Fixed Scoreboard & dragontimers, Kayn circle
  • removed Practicetool atlas, Resourcebar parts

[06.12.2022] Preseason 2023 update

  • Fixed missing texture parts from HUD files
  • Updated filenames
  • Added new pingwheel

[16.02.2022] Patch 12.4

  • Improved Aphelios HUD is now green and gold like the rest so it can take on color the same way, multiple other champion files
  • Changed Special HUDs like Gangplank, Neeko, etc. and spellbook no longer have images as they are barely visible
  • removed Healthbars again, shop.bin as it broke after the first patch

[06.02.2022] 2022 refresh

  • Improved Naming conventions for batch processing
  • Changed All .dds files are now in .psd files for batch processing
  • Added “gameplay.itemshop.bin” – particle effects on the shop, can be easily recolored with Hacksaw

[08.12.2021] QoL Update

  • Updated Healthbars for Patch 11.24
  • Improved Layer names are now uniform to make batch processing possible
  • Added More color coding for clarity, locked layers that shouldn’t be edited
  • removed Unused files (Omnistone, old Runes and champion circle thing)

[18.11.2021] Whoops 2.0

  • Added forgotten hudatlas file

[17.11.2021] Patch 11.23 update

  • Updated .psd files in folders “scoreboard” and “srx” for the new dragons

[14.11.2021] Whoops

  • Fixed Color fuckup on the timers
  • Changed Template is now in a .zip
  • Added Indicator lines to mark the middle of areas where you might want to center the image

[24.10.2021] Alpha masks + different adjustments

  • Improved Clarified Background files which should be left untouched, clarity on dragon/baron/camp timers
  • Added Alpha masks for all .psd files so it works easier with Photopea, some missing background files to recolor
  • removed Shop icons are now only recolorable

[23.09.2021] Healthbars

  • Added recolorable file for health bars

[22.09.2021] Versions without images

  • Improved Backgrounds are now properly set up so you can use the template without images, so just color changes

[14.09.2021] I don’t even know, just redownload

  • Improved Grain on background layers, outline, metallics, scoreboard

[01.08.2021] Added Gangplank

  • Added Gangplank ult upgrade HUD

[20.07.2021] New files added, general improvement

  • Added Surrender, options, shop particles
  • Improved Various files

[08.07.2021] Dragon counter update

  • Fixed the dragon counter for Riot’s new layout.

[03.06.2021] Added Shop

  • AddedNow comes with all files for the in-game shop

[14.04.2021] Shop buttons template, layer clarification, improvements

  • AddedTemplate to make one image to place in all 4 shop buttons so they work easily, clarified blue, red and green layers to be disabled on export
  • Improvedsome .psd files

[28.03.2021] Improvements

  • ImprovedQuite a lot of stuff.

[05.03.2021] Stats improvement

  • Fixed Riot’s misalignedment on perksatlas and statspanel_atlas

[24.02.2021] Scoreboard fix

  • Fixed scoreboardatlas.psd now exports as .dds properly again

[01.02.2021] Skill level indicator

  • AddedSkill level indicator circle to recolorable channels

[24.01.2021] Fixes

  • FixedLots of small changes & some fixes

[17.01.2021] Health bar fix

  • FixedRiot’s overlapping Health Bar on enemy focus

[14.01.2021] Scoreboard hover, Recall, Activatable items

  • ImprovedScoreboard Champion Hover
  • ChangedRecall
  • AddedBorder for activatable items to recolorable channels

[12.01.2021] Level-Up, scoreboard

  • ImprovedLevel-up icons
  • ImprovedScoreboard

[11.01.2021] Metallics, More editable items

  • FixedWeird Metal overlap on the scoreboard
  • ImprovedSmall metal icons
  • AddedStats, Masteries and Eternals on the HUD circle are now editable (see Ahri image above)

[10.01.2021] Champion circle edit

  • AddedNew simplified circle

[09.01.2021] Metallics edit, Alpha fix

  • AddedBetter gold sheen on Metallics (can be turned off by turning off the layer style)
  • Fixedinconsistent Alpha on Scoreboard

[08.01.2021] Scoreboard edit

  • ImprovedScoreboard image style

[04.01.2021] First release

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