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This template let’s you easily recolor the Summoner’s Rift map.

If you encounter any issues with the template, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: Yoru#1006

Required tools


Those are files for seperate gamemodes or simply event textures, which just might be there once or multiple times, but not always needed.
Supported modes/event textures:

  • Hextech structures after Arcane release: Download (obsolete)


You can find the tutorial here:



[15.05.2022] Patch 12.9 structures update

  • Updated Location, structures & names of Nexus, Inhibitors and turret files

[04.01.2021] Fixed minimaps

  • Fixed location of minimaps for cloud, ocean, infernal and mountain drake maps

[11.12.2021] Patch 11.24 update

  • Fixed names for files inside “Map11.wad.client Folder\assets\maps\kitpieces\srx\worlds\textures” (thanks to Leischii)

[23.11.2021] Added back missing files

  • Added back accidently deleted files

[17.11.2021] Patch 11.23 Update

  • Added Chemtech and Hextech dragon files

[07.11.2021] Added “Trueshot” files

  • Added Add-on for Hextech structures, missing chaos turret shield

[21.10.2021] Patch 11.21 update

  • Fixed Moved all the files for turrets, nexus’ and inhibitors from DATA2.wad.client to Map11.wad.client
  • Added DATA.wad.client, which contains textures for destroyed chaos turrets (thanks to Instabuy)

[23.08.2021] Worlds patch

  • Added Worlds ground textures


  • FixedWrong top right base file
  • RemovedMore unused stuff

[12.08.2021] Patch 11.16 fix

  • Fixed Renamed files inside “Map11.wad.client\assets\maps\kitpieces\srx\textures” to fix missing squares
  • Removed Quite a lot of extra seasonal files because they will most likely never be used again
  • Added SR base doors

[18.07.2021] Host change, Spellbook game mode added

  • Added Spellbook game mode and a lot more seasonal/thematic files in case they are ever used again
  • Changed Now hosted on Google Drive by Yoru

[03.06.2021] FIrst release

One Comment

 by EpicZacAttack in 03/06/2021

Hey! Can someone please make me a summoners rift just like a dark/emerald green and a goldish colour, like the Notre Dame College Logo, please? LMK if possible! I love those 2 colours and i think it would look great on SR!

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