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3D-Editing Creation Tutorials

Here you will learn how to create your first remodeled custom skin 🙂
I recommend watching the videos on Youtube as timestamps don’t load here.



  • Make a basic concept of what you want to do and gather all the files you need beforehand:
    • I always get the folder of the champion base skin and all of the .skn and .dds files of the models I want to use
  • Champions which are somewhat easy to chose as a starter in my experience: Diana, Katarina, Leona, Karma, Lucian, Lux, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Soraka, Vayne
  • Definitely stay away from those for your first remodel: Evelynn, Neeko, Ezreal, Ahri, Nami, Kalista, Jhin, Zoe, Xayah, Rakan

Installing RiotFileTranslator

IMPORTANT NOTE: The .env file is not fully correct in this video! If you do it like this you cannot load weighted models! It is missing the \others in the path for scripts.
This is how it has to look (depends on your placement ofc, just the paths in red have to be the same):
MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH = D:\Dokumente\Maya plugins\Maya 2018\bin\plug-ins
MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH = D:\Dokumente\Maya plugins\Maya 2018\scripts\others
XBMLANGPATH = D:\Dokumente\Maya plugins\Maya 2018\icons

Maya 2018 Basics

Basic Skin Creation Process

NOTE: The installation part of this video is OUTDATED!!
Refer to the second part of THIS VIDEO on how to create skins.

Advanced/Smooth Weighting

Closer Look at the UV Creation/Texture creation in GIMP

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