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2D-Editing Creation Tutorials

This tutorial shows you how to make custom chromas and how you can preview them without going in-game.

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: Yoru#1006


This is an optimized process for creating chromas. Ofc you could just randomly edit textures and go in-game, but with this process you can see what you are doing and don’t have to go in-game each time to check your progress.

Required tutorials

In order to follow this tutorial you must understand and be able to follow the following tutorials:

Required tools

  • Any graphic editor that can handle .dds files
  • Uvee to extract the model UV (only fully necessary if you don’t use Maya or Blender)
  • Any program to preview your 3D-models
    • Lol2GLTF + Blender (My suggestion)
    • Maya (My favorite, imo only worth getting it if you also wanna do remodels)
    • Wooxy (works good for simple models/older skins, can be problematic with newer models/skins)
    • Ultimate Unwrap 3D pro + LoL plugin – under third party plugins (same issue as Wooxy)

Video tutorial

This tutorial uses Photoshop and Blender.

Written tutorial

How to load your model and view your textures in a 3d programm

Choose one of the following programs or Blender (explained in the video) and follow the guide.

Wooxy (works best for older skins)

When loading Wooxy for the first time, make sure to uncheck “Use a League of Legends installation”, otherwise it won’t run.

Next go to “Creation Studio” and click on “Model viwer/converter”.

No choose your .skn file in the “Model file” field.

Now assign textures to all available materials. Usually the names make some kind of sense or you can look at the textures to see what could fit.


Wooxy is a pure model viewer so you can not move around any of her props or seperate her weapons.

Clicking on “Update textures” reloads her textures so you don’t have to restart the model viewer to load your edited textures.

Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro (works best for older skins too, can load animations)

First make sure to dock the following windows: 3D States, 3D Shading, Scene and Animation (if you want to)

Now drag and drop the .skn of the champion you want. Make sure the .skl is in the same folder.
If you want, load in all animations of the champ.

Now your model should be loaded. Enable the following settings for best views:
If you have green edges, click on “BEdge” under 3D states.
Clik on “Vtx Clr” under 3D States to show the texture without shadows.
If you see bones, click on “Skel” under 3D states.

Now we need to load the proper materials so Ahri’s tails don’t look weird anymore.

In the “Scene” window, expand the materials option.

Now double click any of the materials that isn’t loaded correctly or at all.
Next go to “Maps”, then if next to “Diffuse” it says “None”, change it to “Bitmap”.
Next click on “Properties”

Click on “Change” and load the proper texture file.


It is probably possible to move around props, hide material etc. but I don’t know.

Lol2gltf + Microsoft 3d-viewer (Tutorial By Devil)

Go to the location of your extracted skin and copy the folder path

Press the SKN button and then go to your copied file location and select the skins .SKN file
Do the same with the .SKL file

Next you want to import every texture for the different materials, some skins have more, especially the newer ones. Usually you can tell from the names of the materials and textures or the content of the texture which fit together.

Now to load the animations, you have to open the animation folder and press ALT + A to load every single animation.

Then press convert and save the file somewhere. Now you can open the .gltf file in the windows viewer.

Press the Animation 1 button in the bottom right corner to select the different animations and see your model in action.

When creating a Chroma you can just edit the .png file that gets loaded when opening the gltf file.

Extracting the UV Map with Uvee

Drag and drop the .skn file of the skin you want to make a chroma for onto Uvee.exe

Then a command window will pop up, simply wait until it’s gone again.

Now you have a folder with all the UVs for all different materials and or textures the skin has.

Editing the textures and checking in the 3d-viewer

Load the .dds in your graphic editor of choice and do whatever you wanna do with it.

It depends on your 3D-viewer if you can refresh it or if you have to fully reload it.

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