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This tutorial teaches you how to take particles from one champion and reuse them on another champion.
(Updated: 17.11.2021)

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
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Cpt Redbeardeard figured out how to edit Particles like we used to do before by editing troybins. So now you can take the exact Particles from a champion and can put it on another one, like here: Heartseeker Jinx R explosion on Jhin’s E.

Required Tools

Tutorial Video


 by Riven GOD in 02/03/2021

is there another program that can open .bin files? this does not open: /

 by Yoru in 02/03/2021

No program can open bin files. You need to convert them to python files with Ritobin

 by Riven GOD in 02/03/2021

But up there, it says that this BinReaderGUI opens these files, but the problem is that when you click to open the program, it appears "wglCreateContextAttribsARB: -1073274731." What is that?

 by Yoru in 02/03/2021

I have no idea. Maybe you should ask for help in the discord

 by Reinforced in 11/02/2021

The BinReader GUI has an error when I open it, a message "Failed to: -1423356" appears and does not execute the .bin file, so I want to modify the Riven particles so much to the old version.

 by Yoru in 11/02/2021

I actually have no idea what causes this, sorry.

 by Reinforced in 13/02/2021

"wglCreateContextAttribsARB: -1073274731. " this is the complete error message, I just wanted to correct it; OK thanks :/

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