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This tutorial teaches you how to take particles from one champion and reuse them on another champion.
(Updated: 17.11.2021)

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: Yoru#1006


Cpt Redbeardeard figured out how to edit Particles like we used to do before by editing troybins. So now you can take the exact Particles from a champion and can put it on another one, like here: Heartseeker Jinx R explosion on Jhin’s E.

Required tutorials

In order to follow this tutorial you must understand and be able to follow the following tutorials:

Required Tools

Tutorial Video


best order to work on particles to minimize fuckups

  1. Look up skills that might be useful for your champion (skin previews etc.)
  2. Extract the bins and particles for those abilities
  3. Copy all the particles folders of the other champions into your wad folder
  4. Edit the bins to your liking
  5. Check in-game
  6. If you have buggy textures: Run your wad folder through bintex, open the “Combined” list and add any missing files to your wad folder
  7. Make sure that you now have everything in-game
  8. In bins, reroute all your particle files to the base folder of your champion in the bins
  9. Move all your particle files into the base folder of your champion
  10. Hope everything is there, if not, check the bintex list again or the code directly and add missing files.
  11. Done
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 by Riven GOD in 02/03/2021

is there another program that can open .bin files? this does not open: /

 by Yoru in 02/03/2021

No program can open bin files. You need to convert them to python files with Ritobin

 by Riven GOD in 02/03/2021

But up there, it says that this BinReaderGUI opens these files, but the problem is that when you click to open the program, it appears "wglCreateContextAttribsARB: -1073274731." What is that?

 by Yoru in 02/03/2021

I have no idea. Maybe you should ask for help in the discord

 by Reinforced in 11/02/2021

The BinReader GUI has an error when I open it, a message "Failed to: -1423356" appears and does not execute the .bin file, so I want to modify the Riven particles so much to the old version.

 by Yoru in 11/02/2021

I actually have no idea what causes this, sorry.

 by Reinforced in 13/02/2021

"wglCreateContextAttribsARB: -1073274731. " this is the complete error message, I just wanted to correct it; OK thanks :/

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