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This tutorial shows you how to get access to models and textures from League of Legends.

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Required tools

Video tutorial

Written tutorial

Open the wad.client

First open up Obsidian

Next open the .wad.client of the champion you need:
You can find the game wads in Riot Games/League of Legends/Game/DATA/FINAL/Champions.
Aatrox.wad.client contains all his model files, textures, particles etc.
Aatrox.en_US.wad.client contains his voicefiles for English (your version depends on the language of your client)

Extracting everything

To make it easy you can just extract files inside the .wad.client

Extracting only things you need

But if you for example just want to make a chroma for base Aatrox you can just extract those files:


 by Alex in 29/04/2022

Obsidian has always worked for me, but i just found something unusual, with the WAD client of mordekaiser, i have only access to 5 of his skins(Plus the base), but the newest ones like the darkstar or others doesnt appear, are they in an special WAD file?

 by Ioan in 06/04/2022

Hi, I have a problem with obsidian when I follow the specified steps and I try to make a chroma for example it gives me a bunch of files with numbers and letters and without an assets folder could you tell me how I could solve this problem? Thank you in advance.

 by Yoru in 28/05/2022

make sure under settings everything with hashtables in the name is enabled, then it should work

 by Felipe in 18/01/2022

my obsidian does not open and if you want to open something say No error, I tried to install and reinstall several times but it always works, I thought it was the NET core runtime, but I already had it installed, the only thing I think is that maybe it's because I use Windows7, I need Windows10 to be able to run Obsidian?

 by Yoru in 18/01/2022

that's probably the case. LCS doesn't work with Win7 either

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