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This tutorial will show you how you can fix missing sounds on skins after patch 11.20 broke a lot of them.

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: Yoru#1006


Skins broke due to a simple change in 1 line of skin .bins: they changed “bankUnits: list” to “bankUnits: list2” for whatever reasons.

Only skin .bins are affected, so data/characters/champion/skin0, skin1, skin2, skin3, etc. and not .bins directly inside data, like E67150BE212BCA8C.bin or animation bins, so data/characters/champion/animations.

IMPORTANT: If after extracting the .wad.client file your mod looks like this, it’s best to just wait for the creator to update it.

if your skin starts missing soundlines after a new patch, especially after a new skin got released for them, look at this tutorial.

Required tools

Written tutorial

Extracting the mod

First make sure the mod that you want to update is imported and then close your LCS.

Go into your LCS directory, open the “installed” folder and go inside the folder of the mod that causes issues.

Now go inside the “WAD” folder. Drag and drop the .wad.client you can find onto “lcs-wadextract” inside your LCS-Manager folder.

After that you should simply have a folder called “Champion” (in this case Lillia) and inside something like assets and data and maybe some hashed .bin files.

Fixing the .bin

Now you want to follow the path inside the “data” folder until you find a .bin called “skinX” (in this case skin0). Drag and drop the .bin file onto “ritobin_cli.exe”.
This will convert the .bin file to a readable .py file.

Delete the “skinX.bin” afterwards and open the “” file in the program you want to use.

The program you’re using should have an option to “Find and Replace” inside the code.
For “Find” type in “bankUnits: list” and for “Replace” “bankUnits: list2”. (somehow this deletes the embed part, so I pasted a screenshot below)

Then the file is fixed and can load the sounds properly again.

Now simply “Save” and then close the file.

After that, drag and drop your “” onto “ritobin_cli.exe” to convert it back to a .bin file.

Then delete the “” so you’re only left with “SkinX.bin” again.

Repacking the mod

Go back inside the “WAD” folder, delete the “Champion.wad.client” and drag and drop the “champion” folder onto “lcs-wadmake.exe”.

Then simply start up LCS again and run the mod.

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