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This tutorial shows you how you can fix broken VFX from patch 13.1. Original tutorial by Bearded Shepherd.

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If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server.


Starting with patch 13.1 a lot of VFX have been broken due to Riot changing .bin files.

Required tutorials

In order to follow this tutorial you must understand and be able to follow the following tutorials:
YOu must have a mod with either custom particles or at least recolored ones, aka it must include .bin files.

Required tools

Written tutorial

My Ashe before fixing the mod:


  1. Place both programs into 1 folder (In my case “Bin fixing 13.1”)

2. Create a new folder inside that folder called “ritobin”

3. Drag and drop “ritobin.cli” and the “hashes” folder inside the “ritobin” folder.

4. Drag-and-drop your “.wad.client” folder (In my case “Ashe.wad.client”) onto “AddTextureMultPointer.exe”.

Note: You might get a windows popup when using the .exe files for the first time. Just let Windows run it.

5. You will get a short command windows popup that shows you that something is happening.

6. After that, test your skin in-game.


If your VFX have issues with sizing, aka some are way too big or else, you can use “AddScaleBirthPointer.exe” to fix that.

Simply repeat step 4 to 6 from above.

Manual fixing

If your mod is still having issues, you might have to manually fix some values. For that, simply check back with a newly extracted .bin file from Obsidian.

Riot also changed some “flags: u8” to “flags: u16“, so you may need to find and replace those.

The fixed mod:

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