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CptRedbeard figured out how to edit Particles like we used to do before by editing troybins. So now you can take the exact Particles from a champion and can put it on another one, like here: Heartseeker Jinx R explosion on Jhin’s E.

If you encounter any issues with this tutorial or you don’t understand part of it, you can ask for help on the Killerskins-Discord server
or you can contact me directly: IM#6715

Required Tools

Tutorial Video

Written Guide

Extracting Original Champion files

First of all your need the .bin files of the Champion abilities you want to edit:

I want to edit Base Zed Particles, so I open the Zed.wad.client, go into the data folder. All of those can contain Particles.
But also this skin0.bin can contain particles:

After you extracted them it will look like this due to the windows file name restriction:

You need to open the OBSIDIAN_PACKED_MAPPING.txt to figure out which bins you need again and move those back into the data folder.

Extracting replacement files

Now you want to extract the .bin of a skin you want to take Particles from, in my case Pulsefire Fiora.
First you need to figure out which skin name it is. Looking at extracted files it is skin41.
You can also go here and check for your skin: . You can then see it in the URL:

You have to repeat the same steps I did for Zed, but with Fiora Skin41.

Copying particle textures

Now what you also need to do is to put the foreign champion particles into your future .wad.client file. I’m lazy so I just copy in the whole particle folder. If you don’t put all the particles that are included in the .bin you will have floating squares.


Finding particle effects to replace

Now you want to use the BinReaderGUI.

Open one of the .bin files from Zed and search for something you want to replace.

This .bin has quite a lot of different things, even tho it’s not for Skin0:
_mis stands for a missile, _tar is usually a hit effect, for example if you hit an enemy, and _cas is an effect that is usually on the champion casting that ability. Those are the most common ones. You want to replace them with the same thing usually, so for example replace a _mis with another _mis node, but ofc you can also experiment.

I want to replace the Auto-Attack effects, so I need Nodes with Zed/Skins/SKin0/Particles/Zed_Base_BA_

So now I take this bin and run it trough ritobin to get a .py file and open it in Visual Studio Code.
In the program you want to search for VfxSystemDefinitionData { to find all the nodes from the BinReaderGUI again.

Finding replacement Particle effect

Now you need to find the right .bin you want to take code from, so I have to open the Pulsefire Fiora .bin in the BinReaderGUI and hope the right Particle is there.

You also have to run the bin through ritobin.
Turns out the Fiora bin is kinda bugged and I need to compare it to the BinReaderGUI to find out what is what.

If this happens to you, you can look at this value and search for it. Those code-strings are at the bottom of the section.

Replacing Particle codes

Now you want to copy everything that’s underneath the VfxSystemDefinitionData { , so start copying in the line that starts with complexEmitterDefinitionData: .
The last 4 lines you want to copy always include particleName: string= , particlePath= and flags= and a }.
Never forget to copy the last bracket } !
Right below your last copied line there will be a new line with VfxSystemDefinitionData { .

Start copying in the line with complexEmitterDefinitionData:
End in the line with } above the line with VfxSystemDefinitionData {

Now you need to copy everything, go back to the Zed .bin and paste it underneath your selected VfxSystemDefinitionData { value, also ending at this spot.

Mod creation

Save the .py file, convert it back to a .bin file with ritobin.
Now you can’t create a Mod by choosing a Wad folder in Fantome or LCS-Manager but due to the .bin names you need to create an actual ,wad.client file.

For that it should have the same structure as a Wad folder. Keep in mind, if you still have for example a .py file left, it can’t create a wad.client.
Select this folder for the first selection window:

For the second prompt select whatever folder, but name it correctly after the champion.

Then it’s best to close Obsidian as otherwise the .wad.client can’t be loaded.
Now open LCS-Manager or Fantome and create a mod, then go ingame.

As you can see, I changed his Basic Attack _tar effect, so only the target dummy is affected, not the effect on his blades (which would probably be _cas).


 by Riven GOD in 02/03/2021

is there another program that can open .bin files? this does not open: /

 by Yoru in 02/03/2021

No program can open bin files. You need to convert them to python files with Ritobin

 by Riven GOD in 02/03/2021

But up there, it says that this BinReaderGUI opens these files, but the problem is that when you click to open the program, it appears "wglCreateContextAttribsARB: -1073274731." What is that?

 by Yoru in 02/03/2021

I have no idea. Maybe you should ask for help in the discord

 by Reinforced in 11/02/2021

The BinReader GUI has an error when I open it, a message "Failed to: -1423356" appears and does not execute the .bin file, so I want to modify the Riven particles so much to the old version.

 by Yoru in 11/02/2021

I actually have no idea what causes this, sorry.

 by Reinforced in 13/02/2021

"wglCreateContextAttribsARB: -1073274731. " this is the complete error message, I just wanted to correct it; OK thanks :/

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