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Announcers Mods Sounds
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  • Sounds replaced: Announcer (Map11.wad.client)
  • Author: Zelos and Leischii
  • Skin Version: 2.8
  • Description: Hey, this is the Kayn Odyssey Announcer “complete version” with all lines voice all languages supported (exactly like the original version) 😀 thx to Leischii and Morilli

Important usage information

  • Mod can be turned off in game in settings/sounds when you check “Disable custom announcer”

Installation tutorial video:

Make sure to download the base file and your language file, otherwise it won’t work!!!



[08.06.2022] 12.11 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.11

[25.05.2022] 12.10 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.10

[14.05.2022] 12.9 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.9

[29.04.2022] 12.8 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.8

[13.04.2022] 12.7 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.7

[31.03.2022] 12.6 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.6

[02.03.2022] 12.5 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.5

[16.02.2022] 12.4 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed patch 12.4 fixed crash at 0%

[02.02.2022] 12.3 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.3

[25.01.2022] 12.2 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.2

[05.01.2022] 12.1 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 12.1

[26.12.2021] 11.24 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 11.24

[17.11.2021] 11.23 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 11.23 + fixed Arcane Event
  • Added Icon for the new items S12

[06.10.2021] 11.20 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 11.20
  • Added Google Drive mirror link

[11.08.2021] 11.16 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 11.16

[21.07.2021] 11.5 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed For the new patch 11.15 , fixed Aram and Pratice tool
  • Added All languages Addon Patch (Thx to ⭐LeischiI and ⭐Morilli )

[20.07.2021] 11.14 PATCH RELEASE

  • Fixed “Anathemas chains” bug


[20.06.2021] first release

  • Added (.bin) modify , all lines voices , all languages (Thx to ⭐LeischiI)


This tutorial works for ALL types of custom skins you can find on this website. It does not matter if they come as .fantome or .zip, the installation is the same, as long as you have the latest update of the program.

Bugs and errors

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Skin status and what does it mean

Updated: The skin is fully working for the latest League of Legends patch.

Bugged: The skin works ingame but has some minor bugs.

Outdated: The skin does not work for the latest League of Legends patch.

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 by YoshikageKira in 19/01/2022

I can’t find the en_ GB language Addon anywhere, I tried the other languages from euw and they all worked perfectly but I’d prefer to have it on english so where can i find it ?

 by Yoru in 20/01/2022

EUW English needs en_US.

 by Minarie in 14/01/2022

It works perfectly on ARAM, but doesn't work on Summon Rift. Is there any fix to this?

 by hermit in 30/12/2021

Is there an easy way to remove the voicelines in which Kayn chimes in? As in leave only the ones where only Rhaast speaks?

 by HPCAN in 12/12/2021

When I run the Kayn Announcer it works perfectly fine but when I try to run it with the Winter 2022 Map for some reason it runs into a problem.

 by Lore in 28/09/2021

So, I tried using the En_US one and the italian one, but for some reason, when I boot up the italian one, the announcer doesn't even talk

 by rezs in 18/09/2021

anyone in philippines got it to work? i followed the tutorial down to the letter but nothing...

 by DannyPeace in 09/09/2021

I know this would be super hard, but Heroes of Newerth has/had an announcer made by Samuel L. Jackson and its the dopest sh*t ive ever seen

 by rafits in 03/09/2021

please we need an unreal tournament announcet just like in dota 2 pls!!!!!

 by Acdw in 24/08/2021

can we get some love for the singapore server? its in english as well. tried renaming things but it doesnt work

 by Prime in 04/08/2021


 by TDF in 30/07/2021

For anyone who's struggling since the new patch: - download the new files from mega, including all the language zips or at least the language you want. - drag and drop the new Kayn Announcer mod as well as the US (for English) add-on. - tick both to activate - run it. *delete the old Kayn Announcer you had to avoid conflict. This worked for me the first time.

 by ebebe in 22/07/2021

what did you do

 by Mikail Calik in 22/07/2021

Hey I tried to download this 10 times from MEGA, but it always stops at 75% at says temporary error. Tf is this?

 by DarkCommet in 22/07/2021

For some reason it doesnt work for me it says that its running and still ingame doesnt work but the thresh announcer is working.

 by DarkCommet in 22/07/2021

Nvm i got it :0

 by Augustas in 24/07/2021

Yo how did u fix it

 by DarkComet in 22/07/2021

It doesnt work for me i put the en_us and nothing.

 by ssava in 22/07/2021

It says it was updated for 1.15 but on the site i see outdated and it doesent let me download

 by corvus in 20/07/2021

There's a bug that if you turn on this mod, Anathema's Chain disappears from the shop

 by Dane Houwer in 13/07/2021

Hello, how do I install it because i'm having trouble finding a way to do so.

 by Yoru in 13/07/2021

The tutorial is linked on the bottom of the post.

 by Jack Jackson in 14/07/2021

The video got deleted, i dont get how to use the file that i just downloaded.

 by Yoru in 14/07/2021

The video is no installation tutorial. This post is linked at the bottom and shows you how to install it.

 by Slice in 20/06/2021

Can i use on lcs the brazilian portguese version?

 by Ocean Maaan in 30/04/2021

yo can we get a pyke announcer?

 by Tomih in 15/04/2021

Can you get it in another lenguages?

 by Nicolas Albuquerque in 26/03/2021

The narrator doest'n change, i try intall with Fantome and LCM... :(

 by Gabriel Kyoto in 14/03/2021

:( Couldn't you put it in Spanish too?

 by ZoochCrock in 22/02/2021

Would it be possible to add the other quotes for Announcer Kayn so that there is more variety to the lines? It gets kind of repetitive hearing the same quotes most of the game, like when a turret is destroyed for either team it's always the same. If it's not possible than I won't complain since the mod is still great, it would just be nice to have the rest of the lines. Thanks working on this <3

 by BigPapaPHD in 21/02/2021

Is there a possibilty of being banned by using this because of riots auto detect for cheats? dont know if this would classify but just in case

 by Yoru in 21/02/2021

Check this post:

 by Glaxion in 01/02/2021

I love seeing this come back! One thing I've noticed is when destroying a turret only plays one voice line (this one ). Still really glad to have this back. Thank you for the release!

 by yukkutastic in 30/01/2021

Oh very cool, even voice lines for Howling Abyss.

 by Zelos in 31/01/2021

thanks :3 ❤

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